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At Arena, we seek to build a sustainable, vibrant enterprise to deliver important medicines* to the people who need them most. We recognize that the sustainability of our company is inextricably linked to our ability to understand and engage all of our stakeholders in a consistent and meaningful manner. Starting with our Board of Directors and our leadership team, we are committed to long-term value driven by the pillars of governance, social responsibility, and integrity across all we do from employee engagement, clinical and regulatory operations, and eventual access to medicines for patients. Where necessary, we will act boldly to challenge convention within our industry where norms adversely affect the well-being of our critical stakeholders.


In order to protect and enhance the value for our stakeholders, we have launched a corporate Environmental, Social & Governance (or ESG) Initiative, overseen by our Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee. This committee is responsible for overseeing ESG activities from a board level, including significant strategies, activities, and policies regarding sustainability, access to medicines, social impact, and charitable activities, among other duties.


We expect that our efforts will set the tone across our company and a new benchmark across our industry.


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In advocacy, everything we do surrounds patients with support, education, and empathy. To turn aspiration into actualization. This is our Arena of CareTM.
Arena participates in the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation's Take Steps and other local special event programs to increase awareness of and to raise funds in search of better treatments and cures for Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.
Crohn's & Colitis Foundation
At the heart of the National Eczema Association is a connected, empowered community of stakeholders united to fulfill the promise of a better future for those living with eczema. As a member of NEA's Corporate Council, Arena joins NEA in energetic pursuit of "a world without eczema."  Together, we commit to create community, generate knowledge, and take collective action to improve the lives of people affected by eczema.
National Eczema Association
Starting with inflammatory bowel disease, the Arena of Care Award will be a competitive award designed to fund new and innovative initiatives that identify and support solutions for unmet needs in the communities Arena serves.
Arena of Care Award

Arena is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company that does not have any medicines or products approved for use by any health authority.


Grants & Giving
Arena supports diverse grants and giving initiatives in medical education, corporate sponsorships, and awards.


To learn more or submit a proposal for consideration please visit our Grants & Giving page.